“Good Beginning” from the album “Taking It All In Stride,” 1975

Going into the way, way back here…. 1975. First album for Capitol Records, “Taking It All In Stride.”  Rick Jarrard produced, Dick Bogert engineered & mixed. Emory Gordy on bass, David Ellis on drums, Jim Horn on flute, Perry Botkin strings I’ve always liked this atmospheric track which started off with just me on e-piano, Milt Holland on shaker and then later congas. All the tracks from this album were cut with just Milt and I to start.  Milt would... Read More


Many of you likely think of “Rosanna” as a Toto hit. I can’t argue with that. As it happened though, I wrote this “Rosanna” and recorded it for my second Capitol Records album, “Tom Snow” (1976) seven years before David Paich wrote and won a “Record Of The Year” Grammy with his in 1983.  Doubtless a coincidence but, the core rhythm section for this and most of the other tracks consisted of me (piano), Jeff Porcaro (drums),... Read More

Music From The Heart- Demo

This demo, like all my demos, was done at the Appian Way Recording Studio, aka my house, in 1985. The drummer was yours truly, playing a Linn Drum Machine. (Apologies for the lumbering, heavy right foot. Drum programming was not one of my stronger suits, to say the least.) All other instruments were played by me. (For any gear heads reading this, I was still using my Stephens 2″, 24 track tape recorder. Hadn’t yet switched over to digital. Kind of sorry I ever did... Read More

Music From The Heart

Every once in a while, if I was lucky enough, I would get the chance to produce a song of mine on a major artist. While record production was not my foremost career ambition, I always enjoyed the work and the chance to collaborate with the amazing players, singers, engineers and studio personnel who populate the music business in L.A. In my opinion there is no bigger or better musical talent pool anywhere in the world. With “Music From The Heart” (1985) I had the great... Read More

Me Surrounded By You

Written with and sung by the wonderful Marilyn Scott. Me on piano, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums and the rest of the group, The Yellowjackets, co-founded by Russ Ferrante, Robben Ford & Jimmy Haslip, filling out the track.  From Marilyn’s 1992 release, “Smile”.  Read More

It’s Over

Written with and for Leo Sayer’s “Thunder In My Heart” album release of 1979. Writing with Leo was always a blast. He was always so quick, bursting with ideas and wonderfully funny. If we had as many hits together as we had laughs…. Anyway, I came up with the piano riff that starts the tune (that’s me on the record with Jeff Porcaro and friends) while we were looking for ideas one sunny afternoon at his rented house in Laurel Canyon. Or maybe I had... Read More

You Might Need Somebody- Joe Walsh

From his 1991 release: “Average Ordinary Guy”, with, greatly enhanced, the “feel” of the demo. Needless to say having Joe Walsh cut one of your tunes is a tremendous compliment and honor.  Read More

You Might Need Somebody-Remix- Shola Ama, w/Pras from the Fugees

Shola Ama’s remix version with Pras of the Fugees doing the rap upfront and throughout. I love the guitar riff on the intro. Very cool. Yeah, Shola Ama… One, two, One, two…  Read More

You Might Need Somebody- R. Crawford

Sometimes, trying hard to be clever or sophisticated creates a confused result that ultimately falls flat. “You Might Need Somebody” is a good example of the opposite: the appeal of elegant simplicity. I wrote the music for this and collaborated on the lyric with Nan O’Byrne , pretty much in one sitting. I was at a Wurlitzer electric piano, Nan was at a legal pad with pencil, and we were in Bonnie Raitt’s living room, one night way back in 1978 (I think Nan was... Read More


There have been only a few times I’ve received a fully written draft of a lyric when I knew  immediately it was going to be a joy to compose to. I love to write “beautiful/emotional”  but one doesn’t usually pay the rent that way. Gotta be catchy to pay the bills.  Sometimes, however,  you can’t help yourself and upon reading “Dialogue” I knew I had to write an appropriately lyrical melody to these words.The lyric was given to me by... Read More

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