You Might Need Somebody- Joe Walsh

From his 1991 release: “Average Ordinary Guy”, with, greatly enhanced, the “feel” of the demo. Needless to say having Joe Walsh cut one of your tunes is a tremendous compliment and honor.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Thanks for responding. I don’t want to be a pain but I still can’t get it playing. I sent the link to a friend and it played fine for him so I’m not sure what I need to do. In the upper left hand corner it’s got that little square that usually shows when something is not working……….with a square, circle and triangle you know?
    Thanks for your time, Patrick

    • mrneige says:

      Hate to say it but it sounds like you might need to upgrade to a new computer. I think they use a bit of “planned obsolescence” when they, Apple, Dell, Sony, etc. make these things. One other possibility is to check your browser’s preferences and make sure you allow “pop ups” or something to that effect. Good luck, Patrick.

    • Tom Mielko says:

      I have the same problem…very frustrating.

      • mrneige says:

        Tom, how old/what make is your computer and what Browser and its version number(click under your browser’s name at the top left and click on ‘About…your browser’s name”) are you using. It’s usually due to outdated software. Tom

  2. Tim McMullen says:

    What I find interesting about this version is that the unusual melody of this song is really highlighted by the meticulous precision with which Joe Walsh sings it. When Randy Crawford sings with her smooth, mellifluous, flowing interpretation, one might attribute a bit of the tune to her exploration of the piece, but Walsh very carefully hits (and occasionally reaches for) those notes, we really can hear pure Snow coming through. Again, this piece just makes me more anxious to hear the original demo. Great stuff!

    • mrneige says:

      Thank you , Tim, as always. I will have time, after I get surgery on my right hand in November, to bump around the house and look in heretofore uninspected drawers, files, closets, etc.for the original demo. If I still have it I will find it. Cheers, T

      • Tim McMullen says:

        Sorry about the hand. Best wishes for a very swift and complete recovery. The idea that your recuperation could lead to further discoveries (uncoveries) is intriguing, but please feel no pressure. Heal first and feel better, and then, if you stumble onto anything in the “stacks,” lucky for us.

      • Hoyt says:

        oh yeah Tom …find that demo ; ) enjoying listening to the different versions…. I like em’ all , a good song is a good song I guess.

  3. Doug says:

    I have been a Joe Walsh fan back to “Barnstorm”. He excels here.

    This is an exceptionally great song.

    • mrneige says:

      Hi Doug,

      Thanks for your kind remarks. I, like you, am a huge Joe Walsh fan. Makes it all the sweeter that he would record one of my tunes.

      All the best,


  4. notmrtom says:

    The song is an .ogg file and the direct link is:

    Most media players on all platforms (Mac, Linux, Windows) should be able to play ogg files….even on older computers. Media players such as VLC are cross-platform and support a multitude of media file formats including ogg.

    • mrneige says:

      Thanks so much for posting. Your information is very helpful. BTW-I always upload my song files into my webpage’s media library in both MP3 and.ogg formats. I will contact my site tech and ask him if this is somehow tied to the reason some people can’t open them. Appreciate your input. Cheers, Tom

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