Music From The Heart- Demo

This demo, like all my demos, was done at the Appian Way Recording Studio, aka my house, in 1985. The drummer was yours truly, playing a Linn Drum Machine. (Apologies for the lumbering, heavy right foot. Drum programming was not one of my stronger suits, to say the least.) All other instruments were played by me. (For any gear heads reading this, I was still using my Stephens 2″, 24 track tape recorder. Hadn’t yet switched over to digital. Kind of sorry I ever did because I ended up selling the Stephens which was a rare machine and prized by audio cognoscenti. Each was handmade by one man, John Stephens, who if not a full on genius, did a fantastic impression of one.  John kept an unusual schedule and could only be reached for technical assistance after midnight. Fortunately my machine held up pretty well but when there was a problem… I knew it was going to be a long night.)

Maxanne Lewis came by and put a wonderful vocal on the track. She lends a real gospel quality to the tune without going overboard. A terrific singer and a songwriter’s best friend. I employed her singing talent many times. You’ll hear more from her on this blog and/or over at my Facebook page, The Songs of Tom Snow.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.




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11 Responses to “Music From The Heart- Demo”
  1. Great song, Tom! And Maxayne surely delivers – as always! (What a great voice she got!)
    Thanks for the listening! /All The Best Regards, Björn in Malmoe, Sweden.

  2. Richard Keit says:

    Such a completely beautiful song! How is it that such an inspirational piece of work has not yet been chosen as the theme song for any number of inspirational movies and what a shame (or sham?) that it wasn’t in the can before Natalie’s budget was cut.

    I love it.

    • mrneige says:

      Thanks, Richard. Who knows why some songs live and others hide? Maybe through my new “internet/Facebook” career some of my trunk songs will get cut. Actually got a cut on “Blue Looks Good On You”, which I sent out last June, by an artist in Switzerland named Thierry Condor. Whatever the case I’m having fun doing this and am truly grateful for all the kind comments such as yours. Big Hug, Tom

  3. Tab Hunter says:

    Tom…Really liked that…A LOT…Miss seeing you and MB…Tab

  4. Mikael says:

    What a great,great song….I just love it ! Just a shame it hasn´t been wider spread.Hopefully that will change.
    Maxayn is such a great singer and it´s so great knowing that you might have more with her coming up.I´m really looking forward to hear that!

  5. Mikael says:

    Hi Tom,
    I was so happy to find this song with Maxayn.She´s the best and is also a dear friend since many years.Me and my wife met with her last year when we visited L.A. for three weeks. I hope to hear more of those Maxayn songs that you might have in the vaults.

  6. Roger "MrPages"Gehlin says:

    Hi there Tom

    Fantastic song , soft and sweet

    Cheers !!

    MrPages (Sweden)

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