Music From The Heart

Every once in a while, if I was lucky enough, I would get the chance to produce a song of mine on a major artist. While record production was not my foremost career ambition, I always enjoyed the work and the chance to collaborate with the amazing players, singers, engineers and studio personnel who populate the music business in L.A. In my opinion there is no bigger or better musical talent pool anywhere in the world.

With “Music From The Heart” (1985) I had the great good fortune to work with Natalie Cole. For this cut, the peerless Robbie Buchanan wrote a wonderful keyboard/rhythm arrangement (expanding brilliantly on my demo) and Dan Huff contributed mightily with his splendid guitar playing.The gospel choir was lead by Natalie’s paternal uncle, Freddy, who also wrote the choral arrangement. We worked at Allen Sides’s famous Ocean Way Recording studios as well as Robbie’s home studio. As usual I wrote the song with no particular artist in mind but by the time I had completed the demo, it seemed a good fit for Natalie who was making a new album and looking for fresh material. Happily she, her management team and her label all loved the tune so off to work I went. Since I had written both music and lyric I felt doubly honored and equally determined to make an excellent record. Fortunately Natalie, a consummate pro, was a delight to work with and our sessions went smoothly. However, I should have seen the “too good to be true” signs flashing in the background as her label, Modern Records, a subsidiary of Atco, cut funding three quarters of the way through the project. I was told the reason was that label mate, Stevie Nicks, who¬†was recording her third solo album (“Rock A Little’) at the same time, had gone wildly over budget. Apparently there wasn’t enough money left in the label’s recording coffers to finish work on my project. Uh, a likely story…. One can never be too sure of reasons given for getting the axe in Hollywood but I had no choice other than to believe the label’s “crying poor” excuse. My naturally paranoid artist self conjured up all kinds of evil scenarios but for the sake of self preservation, I bought the story.

And so, what I have posted here is an unfinished, unmixed recording of a song I thought had great potential and that missed being on Natalie’s album, “Dangerous”, which went on to sell over two million copies. Bummer. Oh well, win some, lose some. All you can do is move on to the next song and hope that you still have music from the heart to share.

Thanks, as always, for listening.



PS- In the email I sent you, you will find a separate link to my demo of the song.

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4 Responses to “Music From The Heart”
  1. Chris says:

    Great tune. Should have been on her album. Hope to see you in June. C.T.W.

  2. florent recica says:

    ..would love to hear that demo, if you’re singin’..!

    Have no regrets,you’re the winner…have a nice retirement, Mr Snow!!!

    My best,


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