Me Surrounded By You

Written with and sung by the wonderful Marilyn Scott. Me on piano, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums and the rest of the group, The Yellowjackets, co-founded by Russ Ferrante, Robben Ford & Jimmy Haslip, filling out the track. ¬†From Marilyn’s 1992 release, “Smile”.

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3 Responses to “Me Surrounded By You”
  1. Peter Gordon says:

    Really like the changes/harmonies, Tom! The whole track has great feel. Who played the soprano sax solo?

  2. Tim McMullen says:

    I guess this slipped past me in the holiday rush. I find this one particularly interesting for its melding of pop flashes with an underlying jazz texture. It offers unusual melodic turns from both your piano and her “now-smoky/now-soaring” vocal. Nice.

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