Love Not War

Written with the incomparable Barbara “BeatGirl” Griffin in 1999 -2000, “LNW” is a true millennium song (somehow that sounds important although I’m not sure exactly why) .We were writing it for singer/songwriter Jordan Hill ( who was in between record deals at the time and needed some “hit” material to wake up the the nominally perceptive ears of various A&R (artists and repertoire) people at the existing record labels. Jordan has a great southern soulful voice and had had early success (just a mere teenager) with “For The Love Of You” produced by David Foster and Mario Winans from the noted Winans Gospel music family. Barbara was on a writing visit from Australia so we were in “guerilla” mode with time being somewhat limited. The BeatGirl is a formidable talent and one who requires you to keep pace. We ended up writing a bunch of solid tunes, this one being the most commercial. Always cool to have the inimitable Joe Cocker sing one of your songs, and he doesn’t disappoint on this one. With big thanks to Tina Snow who put me together with Barbara and got the tune to Joe.

Make Love Not War, children!


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9 Responses to “Love Not War”
  1. Jeremy Gadbury says:

    Many thanks for this and all your songs, so much appreciated. When I first heard this it sounded so different to any of your songs, but on re-listening maybe it was not as distant as I had first thought. Maybe it was the production or the theme of the song, it was a surprise though to hear it first time.

    One song you may wish to consider putting on the blog is “Blessings in Disguise” a truly lovely song sung by Valerie Carter. One reason is because it is hard to find, although it is in your Sheet Music Compendium. It only appeared in the Japanese version of Valerie Carter’s The Way It Is CD, not in the US edition. What a great CD that is, with three more of your songs including “I say Amen” which is one of those lovely songs that almost floats. The CD also has a great hidden track, “Hearts on Fire”.

    And unknown to me for many years was that it was my daughter’s favourite song, which she said “helped in the process of growing up”. A father doesn’t want to ask why but isn’t it wonderful how a song, a book, a play, a film, and sometimes just a few words can have such an effect. Thank you, Mr. Snow.

    Jeremy Gadbury

  2. Simioni says:

    I always believe in LOVE. Great Tune

  3. Love it, Tom!! Make music not war, too!!

  4. Dafne says:

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop with great music!

  5. wooldog says:

    Saw Joe once at Cold Springs Tavern when I was living up at Painted Cave in S.B. L.N.W. is great ! Say hello to Tina for me. Best always , C.T.W.

  6. Tom, I love this funky sound of yours. Love your putting up these pieces I’ve yet to hear, always a welcome surprise!

  7. Tim McMullen says:

    Just got back from three weeks in Myanmar and Cambodia (with no access to e-mail) and find this welcome surpriseā€”a new post from the Snow collection.

    One of the great things about this blog (besides the great music in general) is the eclectic nature of the performers and performances: from Ray Charles to Randy Crawford to Stephanie Mills to Barbra Steisand to Joe Cocker (not to mention Raitt and Rondstadt and Coolidge and Snow and Bryson and Cher and Grant and Sayer and Manilow, et al, on the home page). Great stuff!

    On this one, Joe Cocker was surprisingly articulate and precise in his diction. Perhaps he felt that he owed it to the song.

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