Love Has A Mind Of Its Own

There are some artists who any songwriter worth his or her salt would kill to have record one of their songs. Ray Charles is at the top of my list. This cut started out with me playing a synthesizer bass line to a drum track. The rhythm section was later filled out and the track was then sent from L.A. across country for Ray to sing to. I never met him but I feel a connection to him as a result of his wonderful vocal. A rare privilege.  The record was produced by Richard Perry and I’m guessing that he recorded Mavis Staples on background vocals after Mr. Charles had sent the track back. The reason I’m not sure is that I never went back into the studio after putting down the bass line. Records by Fed-Ex! Co-written with Jimmy Scott. Hope you enjoy.

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10 Responses to “Love Has A Mind Of Its Own”
  1. Tina snow says:

    You forgot a very important part of this recording. This was my first attempt at going over to
    Richards house myself and playing it for him in that gorgeous house with all the crazy riff raff he had
    Hanging out. After waiting 45 min. To 1 hr. He took me into the room that looked like a studio from the
    40’s with all of his vintage decor. I pitched the song and he absolutely flipped for the song! He called
    You directly to tell he would be recording it on the new Ray Charles CD. We found out latter he put Mavis
    On the backgrounds. One of my favorite cuts of my career as your song plugged!!!

  2. Simioni says:

    Tommy Me Boy I Like, I Like Lou

  3. Bunny June says:

    Tom, This is the BEST! Lovin’ the Ray Man with your song music!

  4. Jason Smith says:

    My 1 year old daughter Abbie is loving this track – drumming along in her highchair as she eats her Marmite on toast. Good taste just like her father.

    Nice one Tom


  5. brian says:

    Didn’t know this one. Wonderful, vintage Tom.

  6. Susannah says:

    This is just the song to listen to as I watch the sun setting over Central park West — it does have a mind of its own and which dovetails perfectly with this early fall evening.

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