Jingle Baby & TEDx

It has been a while since I last sent out a tune. No excuse for it-  other than general indolence and his cohort, major laziness, holding me captive until now. But the good news is that it’s the Holiday Season and we could all use another Christmas ditty, right?… right?  Yeah, that’s what I thought. So- here is Stephanie Mills, who came to prominence with her starring role in Broadway’s “The Wiz” in 1975 and continued singing hits throughout the 80s & 90s (and continues to perform today) on a song I wrote to a lyric supplied by the super talented Amanda McBroom. The tune is in the mode of a Phil Spector-ish 60’s Da Doo Ron Ron kind of thing.  Should be pretty good tree trimming music, come to think of it. Hope you get to tapping your feet. As always, click on the “golden eighth note” below to listen.

On another note (pun intended, probably) I was recently honored to be a speaker at the 2011 Santa Barbara TEDx event- “The Spark Within..Exploring Creativity”- produced in grand fashion by Mark Sylvester, Kymberlee Weil and Eric Greenspan. The event was held at The Music Academy of the West’s beautiful theater, Hahn Hall, this past November 11th. By all accounts it was a big success. I know I had a great time, especially after my talk.  Speaking without notes is a little like a near death experience… Anyway, here’s the video if you’re curious to see what I managed to disseminate- in 12 minutes- without falling over the furniture or the footlights. Special thanks to Mark, Kymberlee and Eric for the encouragement along the way.

I’ll hit you all up with another Christmas tune in a couple of weeks. Maybe on Christmas Eve. I can tell you that it’s a ballad, it was written for and sung by one of the great, if not perhaps the greatest, “Divas” of our time.  Here’s a hint: her last name sort of rhymes with wise man…

Until then!

Click here to listen

8 Responses to “Jingle Baby & TEDx”
  1. Tim McMullen says:

    Thanks for the Christmas song. I look forward to the next piece. Also, very enjoyable presentation on TED. Nicely done. It was fun and informative to hear the evolution of your song.

  2. zeff says:

    my dear friend tom ,
    i am always deeply touched by all the different stories that you sent us , what a life , love it madly , and your stage performance simply left me speechless ,
    looking forward talking to you really soon , you did such a wonderful job on stage , thank you , thank you , thank you ,
    your frenchy friend , zeff .

  3. Simioni says:

    Hi Snowball As usual what ever you create or promote is GREAT! Love that little Xmas jingle. Watched your TED talk, did’nt know your also an orator. One thing you have to work on though are those ITALIAN hands, they were all over the place. Ha Ha. Looking forward to the Xmas ballad. Sounds like a little Barbara, I hope. To bad with all that talent it does’nt show up in your golf. Ha. Keep em coming. Lou

  4. Debbie Dalee says:

    Loved the Tune and talk at the academy….We all have those mulch piles! Hope to see you when we are in SB this weekend…
    BIG Christmas cheer from Texas

  5. Florent Recica says:

    The song, the jingle…the “Da Doo Ron Ron” is not really your thing.. I would prefer a “quirky” one!!!

    I liked your presentation… you could have done it by piano to keep your hands occupied and feel more relaxed, as it would make it your own environment.

    Looking forward to something special… if I may dare to wish!!!

    Marry Christmas to you and your close ones,


    PS Good luck in your golf!!

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