“Good Beginning” from the album “Taking It All In Stride,” 1975

Going into the way, way back here…. 1975. First album for Capitol Records, “Taking It All In Stride.”  Rick Jarrard produced, Dick Bogert engineered & mixed. Emory Gordy on bass, David Ellis on drums, Jim Horn on flute, Perry Botkin strings I’ve always liked this atmospheric track which started off with just me on e-piano, Milt Holland on shaker and then later congas. All the tracks from this album were cut with just Milt and I to start.  Milt would sit in an iso booth and keep time with a shaker, I’d play keyboard and sing live which had the best result in terms of getting my “feel” just right. It was Rick Jarrard’s idea and a good one. Everything else was an overdub: bass, drums, horns, guitar, strings.. whatever. The basic feel was always there. As with every album I made it was eclectic in style. Some would say “all over the place.” So? I’m schizophrenic, what’s wrong with that ? Huh? Huh? Heh, heh…

I take blame for the music and lyrics and the seriously laid backness of the track.

You’ve been warned.

Cheers and thanks for listening.

Yers, aye, in words and music,


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2 Responses to ““Good Beginning” from the album “Taking It All In Stride,” 1975”
  1. Tim McMullen says:

    Great song from a great album—one of my favorite albums (although Tom Snow and Hungry Nights crowded in on that honor when they came along). One of things that I really like about this album, as showcased on this song, is the fact that you are doing all (or nearly all) of the vocals yourself. Two other favorite albums, Casey Kelly’s first Elektra album and Willis Alan Ramsey’s only (still after all these years) album, both featured the songwriter doing the backup vocals and harmony vocals and much of the instrumentation. It gives these songs an immediacy that is so compelling. Singer-songwriter gold.

  2. David Ellis says:

    A ton of memories of some of the best times I had in the music biz. Schizophrenic? A little ADD? Musically greedy? Naw. Really sophisticated songs from a wickedly smart, talented guy. Ran across a couple of live tapes cleaning out the back office a few months ago including a buzzy, distorted Troub set. It’s all there. Great writing, lots of heart. No surprise to me that you have such an incredible career. Be well, my friend. DE

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