“Goin’ Wild For You” – Tom Snow’s Demo Recording

I was incredibly lucky to get Jeff Porcaro to play drums and bass for me on this. He did it for free, to boot. By then a good friend and fellow musician, Jeff had previously played drums on both my Capitol Records solo albums, “Taking It All In Stride” & “Tom Snow”; the latter being a real labor of love and an opportunity to play with him in the studio (Sunset Sound) over a period of 6 months. For this demo he brought along his equally talented brother Steve (all you “Justified” fans out there take note) to play bass. This took place in 1977. I remember it was mighty warm in the North Hollywood studio where we cut the track so I’m assuming it was summertime. David Batteau sings backup vocals with me and may have played guitar. (Oy. I need more RAM. Apologies to David! ) I’m on E. Piano and lead vocal.

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12 Responses to ““Goin’ Wild For You” – Tom Snow’s Demo Recording”
  1. Florent Recica says:

    Goin’ wild for this kind of stuff… thanks a lot!!!

  2. Tom Snow says:

    You’re wildly welcome!

  3. Always enjoy these…good job on vocals Tom..noticed Bonnie didn’t go for that high note in the chorus.. you must have intimidated her!

  4. Tim McMullen says:

    Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about! A brilliant cover by a brilliant recording artist, and an equally brilliant performance on the writer’s demo (of course, it helps that all the players & both the writers on the demo are brilliant recording artist’s in their own right). I am surprised that this didn’t make it onto Hungry Nights, but then you probably had 200 contenders between 1977 and 1982, not to mention earlier pieces that you had not recorded.

    I really love the pairing of the two versions. Thanks a bunch.

    And Will, that high note, especially the one at 1:21, which hits the note, drops down and embellisehes, then hits the high note again is such a signature Tom Snow move, that Ms. Raitt had to give it her own bluesy drop down instead. Two great versions.

  5. Thomas, my dear friend,
    While Bonnie’s cut reminded me warmly of driving around LA and singing along with the radio to her record, there is an emotional plaintive depth your voice that tears this lyric up and brings the melody to and through the heart. I remember well the Halloween party at your house in the early years when she and I had a heart to heart in the guest room. Good woman and so happy when she made her comeback. Still, darling Tom, this demo does it for me. Then I always prefer a writer singing his own stuff, even those whose voices are not as gifted as yours. A writer brings an understanding no one else can grasp.
    Thanks for putting up both. Now stop messin’ round and get out there and practice your wood!
    PS You and Tim should both come out of retirement, and as Don Henley once told me when I had quit writing “do it just for the love of it.”

    • mrneige says:

      I remember that Halloween party. MB and I dressed as a pair of dice. Lots of musicians and singers there. People actually played and sang tunes which is so unlike Hollywood today (except for the 1930s-50s), everything comes in a can now. Thanks for putting me above Bonnie. You’ll forgive me if don’t agree? 🙂 Wrote the song in that house. Probably around that time. Cheers- T

  6. Jason Mrowski says:

    Tom, have been a long time fan of yours. Thank you for putting this demo up. It’s always incredible to see the development of a song from the first demo to the final product. Any more of these demos would be more than greatly appreciated from this fan. Keep up the great work. Jason

  7. Wow Tom! Such a great laidback version You have recorded Yourself of that song! As I have told You before: Make sure to put together that “Demo Collection” with all those great songs with Your own versions of Your incredible great songs! (I can asure You that there’s a lot of curious music loving fans & market out there…) Keep up the good work! Cheers, Björn Söderqvist, Malmoe, Sweden.

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