“Gettin’ Ready For Love”- Diana Ross

I thought I’d kick off the proceedings with a tune that has a celebratory feel. “Gettin’ Ready…” was written with Franne Golde in 1977. Franne, freshly arrived from Chicago, and I were stablemates at hit producer Richard Perry’s in-house publishing company, Braintree Music. Richard was in the process of recording Diana Ross’s new album, “Baby It’s Me” and was looking for a lead off single . Franne and I got busy and came up with “Gettin’ Ready For Love”. Richard asked me to play piano on the track along with drummer Jeff Porcaro, bassist David Hungate, guitarist Lee Ritenour, and percussionist Lenny Castro.  Sax solo is by Tom Scott and the string arrangement by Gene Page. It was a fun track to record and brings a smile to my face every time I hear it. Hope it does the same for you.

Thanks for listening!



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13 Responses to ““Gettin’ Ready For Love”- Diana Ross”
  1. Simioni says:

    I like! You know you could possibly make a living writing songs. Thanks Lou.

  2. June De Young says:

    This is such a great up song Tom! I can see it in a great fun loving film with Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz or even Queen Latifah as actresses… A “Father of the Bride” style film would be fabulous too! Have you ever thought about doing Idol with Ryan Seacrest…you would be a great songwriter advisor! Where they sing your songs!

  3. agree with June…i know a lot of your songs have been in movies Tom, but time has come for another round…the older we get the more classic your songs become…aah, such is the way with fine wine.

  4. Tony Onstad says:

    Hello,Tom–love your work–just wanted to say thanks for the compilation/sampler–I received it through a fellow Westcoast pop maniac who expressly told me to thank you for it,so here I am.I’ll tell you one thing for sure–anyone who’s received one is an appreciative listener(except for maybe the DJ’s who got one.lol).Take care,God bless,and hope to hear more tunes from you.Best regards,Tony

  5. Glenn Cunningham says:

    Awesome DT!! Great feel, thanks to yours and Franne’s great tune (and Mr Porcaro’s brilliance added no doubt 🙂

    Nothing but class from you my friend…..as always!!


  6. zeff says:

    such a fantastic song , brilliant , classy , stylish and elegant , just cant wait that motown puts back that fabulous album , on the market , in a remastered edition , everything was absolutely perfect on that album , even the cover of the record , what a class , miss ross , was sexy and hot as can be .
    if only the so bad and vulgar r&b female singers of today , could learn from that ; this is what beeing sexy means , miss ross had it all , and lets give some ,tremendous respect to sir tom snow , who certainly wrote one of the best song that miss ross sang in her carreer , ” top of the world ” , was also a very very good song too.
    i can only be saddened by the loss of such awesome and lush musical production , all my tremendous respect goes to sir tom snow and richard perry whose production was absolutely fantastic from a to z .

  7. Tom Michael says:

    I have always loved this song….and I never knew you wrote this. This would definitely be great in a movie soundtrack. I am a big fan of Diana Ross and this is from one of my fav. albums by her. Must have been interesting writing and working with her.

    • mrneige says:

      Thanks, Tom. Trust all goes well in Chicago! Never really worked per se with Ms. Ross. She had a stand-in singer do the tracking date. Grateful for your kind words. New song coming in a few weeks. Cheers, Tom

  8. Blake Bennetts says:

    Hi Tom! I also love this song, as well as Top of the World. It was a pleasant surprise to hear TOTW featured for a commitment ceremony in an episode of LOGO’s Noah’s Arc.

    I’m very happy to have stumbled onto your site today and look forward to more posts! Thanks for the music!

    Blake 🙂

    • mrneige says:

      Hey Blake, Thanks so much for your kind comment. I was not aware of the use of TOTW in the show you mentioned. That’s great!
      Let me know if you would like to be on the newsletter email list. I send out a deep track once a month, like the one you happened upon.



  9. Glen Wood says:

    Hi Tom,

    Love this track and in a period of rediscovery of it all over again thanks to the new Diana Ross “Baby It’s Me” expanded edition that came out digitally this week. I think it and Top Of The World are just fantastic. If Universal hasn’t sent you the new mixes from the alternate vocals they pulled out of the vault you should check them out. Andy Skurow, George Solomon, and Kevin Reeves did a wonderful job honoring the integrity of the original productions but pulling out some interesting ear candy at the same time.

    Big fan of your body of work and look forward to discovering even more gems from it thanks to your site.


    • mrneige says:

      Thank you, Glen for the heads up on the new mixes. I look forward to hearing them although it seems I’ll have to find them myself as I am but a speck of dust in Universal’s eyes. Appreciate your kind words!

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