Blue Looks Good On You

Every songwriter has a trunkful of tunes they feel could or should have been hits. For me, “Blue Looks Good On You” is in that category. I wrote it with Eric Lynn, an up and coming LA based singer/songwriter whom I had just signed to a publishing deal back in 2001.  Alas, “Blue…” never made it past the demo stage. But it’s a hit in my household especially with my wife, Mary Belle. And since this Saturday she has a special birthday, this one is dedicated to her. (Wait… there’s a song title there…. hmm)

This version is actually the quick ‘demo/road map’ for a more elaborate one we subsequently made with his backup band. It’s a bare bones production but it has a feel that we couldn’t quite capture again with Eric’s excellent but more blues/rock oriented group. (Same thing happened with “He’s So Shy” many years earlier. The stellar studio band that Richard Perry (producer) put together never quite caught the groove I had created on the demo with my Prophet 5 synth and Roland 808 drum machine. We ended up keeping the bass track (Nathan Watts) and drum track (James Gadson) and I recreated the demo’s keyboard part on top, one layer at a time. Laborious but worth it.)

From 2001, in my writing room at 8803 Appian Way, L.A., Ca.  Me on keyboards, synth bass, and drum machine. Eric on vocal.

You’ll have to fill in the missing magnificent super duper million seller hit production with your fertile and febrile musical imagination…

Cheers, Tom

(Okay, here’s that song title: “Dedicated To The One I Love”. The Shirelles, 1961.)

Happy Birthday, MB!

BTW, the golden eighth notes icon that accesses the player is at the bottom of the lyric. Sometimes it takes a bit to load so you might need to be a little patient.  Thanks!



Anyone who knows you well, can easily tell
There's a thorn in your side
Everything about you now, feels a little turned around
By the pain that you hide

I don't know why you try to deny it
'cause coming from my point of view...

Blue Looks Good On You
You wear it well
It's just a spell you're going through
Sorrow cannot hide
The light inside oh, baby
Blue Looks Good On You

There's a hundred ways you've tried, to cover your fragile side
So no one could see
But underneath your perfect smile, there's a heart on trial
Oh, you're not fooling me
I don't know why you try to deny it
'cause coming from my point of view...


The deeper beauty that lives in the sadness you feel
Only gets more beautiful with the heartache you reveal







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22 Responses to “Blue Looks Good On You”
  1. Nozomu Nakada says:

    Tom,Very beautiful song!!
    and Happy Birthday, Mary Belle!!

  2. Tim McMullen says:

    Very nice. Thanks, especially, for the “sparse” demo. I really like it. You are right; there is no rational reason that this one didn’t “hit.” Did you shop the song around, or was this exclusively for Eric Lynne to sing? I really like his voice—though lower, it reminds me a bit of Ned Doheny, one of my favorite unknowns.

    Doheny’s debut album on Geffen’s Asylum was released within a few months of the debuts of Jackson Browne, J.D. Souther (not counting the obscure Longbranch/Pennywhistle), The Eagles, plus records by Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, Tom Waits, Batdorf and Rodney. Doheny was one of the most interesting (perhaps too interesting) with a strange pop vibe somewhere between Souther and Boz Scaggs, but he was the only one of the group who did not record a second album for Asylum. Did Eric Lynne get a recording deal? Obviously, since he had a band, he was not just trying to make it solely as a songwriter. He has a fine voice with nice delivery—I do hear quite a bit of the Snowy influence, especially on the bridge perhaps.

    My ex-wife’s birthday is 6/21 (easy to remember because of the solstice, longest day of the year, sunwise). I wished her this year’s happy birthday with a song that I wrote for my current wife (we were introduced by my first wife and have been together 38 years) when we turned fifty. When I sang it for my great aunt’s 95th birthday, I changed 50 to 35, 65 and 95, but on this occasion, Mary Belle can insert her own age (or any age as she sees fit…). Happy Birthday!

    Just Because of You

    Suddenly, here comes fifty
    Years since you were born
    Your friends and family gather
    To celebrate that happy morn
    When you first came among us
    This quick conviction grew:
    The world is a better place
    Just because of you!

    Just because of you the world is brighter
    Just because of you our burden’s lighter
    Just because of you and everything you do
    The world is a better place
    Just because of you

    But suddenly here comes fifty
    And it’s not as you had planned
    Filled with fading memories
    Like an hourglass and the shifting sand
    How often you have asked yourself,
    “What am I really meant to do
    Since dreams are merely stepping stones
    To finding what is true?”

    And suddenly here comes fifty
    Years you’ve been alive
    You’ve loved and lost and lived and learned
    And wondered sometimes how you’d survive
    But every time you faltered
    Somehow you always knew
    The world is a better place
    Just because of you!

    Repeat chorus and 1st verse.

    © 1999 Tim McMullen
    All Rights Reserved

    • mrneige says:

      Knew and worked (a bit) with Ned. I recall his first album which I liked a lot. Remember thinking that he was in quite the vaunted stable of artists. That really impressed me. I love your all-purpose ode. Yeah, that suddenly thing happens, well, suddenly… Our heads are still spinning. THanks as always for your kind and thoughtful comments.

  3. aidan says:

    How ironic that you sent this to me today. I am in Tuscany working (??) and today I wore blue in support of the Italian team that is playing England tonight in Euro 2012 (Soccer). Maybe it’s an omen, think I will make a bet.


    • mrneige says:

      OH, no! NEVER, EVER, take anything from me as a good omen. It’s the KOD.
      If you come across either of my nephews or niece and their multitude of children whilst walking in the piazza tell ’em I love them!
      Thanks and cheers, Aidan!

  4. Tom,wow, i love this song.should have been a hit! Eric’s voice outstanding.You are amazing!This song goes straight to my i-pod.Please wi sh M.B.a most happy birthday and please tell her we send big birthday hugs.

  5. Simioni says:

    Tom I see why you were so successful ! Loved it, Loretta always said I looked good in blue so I enjoyed it. She said it goes with my grey hair. Ha. Maybe old age and blue go together. Hey , there’s your next song. Old and Bluesy. Keep up the good work. A Haaapppy Birthdaaayyy. to M.B. Lou

    • mrneige says:

      You look good in any color, Lou. Thanks for the B’day wishes and for being such a great listener and commenter. We really appreciate it over here!

  6. Doug Blackwell, db audio says:

    Simply… a beautiful song.

  7. zeff says:

    it is always such a blast , discovering all these fantastic stories , great , great , great , love it , no need to mention the so good demo track , liked it a lot , thanks for all , dear tom , you are the best as ever , zeff , paris .

  8. Wendy Dytman says:


    Another winner….I don’t know why, but I heard all sort of Eagles-esque harmonies in my head while listening to this…..Hope MB had a fabulous b’day! Love to you both and to Rocket and Boom….


    • mrneige says:

      Thanks, Wendy. I think it might be Eric’s voice which bears a resemblance to Jackson Browne. Easy to see the connection there if that’s the case. Thanks for listening and writing!

  9. Tom Mielko says:


    For some reason it would not download.

    Happy Birthday M.B.


    Tom and Eileen

  10. Peter de Tagyos says:

    Tom…I keep being blown away by your talent. The first time I listened to it, I liked it. By the third time, I loved it. Enjoy being included in your blog.

  11. Hoyt says:

    I love it Tom ! This would have been great for Bonnie…I just hear her singing it. I agree it’s a hit ! Thanks for making some many of your amazing songs available for us to hear and enjoy ! Really loved hearing the Hungry Nights lp … gonna get my hands on the vinyl for that for sure : )

  12. Karolyn says:

    I’m a little late to the party, but was just recently
    Introduced to your song, Blue Looks Good on You
    sung by Thierry Condor. I heard it on a local Florida
    Jazz station and was instantly wowed by the singer
    and the song. I found an outlet to order Thierry Condor’s
    CD featuring your song and have played it non-stop.
    I’ve shared the YouTube video with others and wish
    you and Thierry Condor much deserved success!

    • mrneige says:

      Thank you, Karolyn! Your kind words are much appreciated.

      Yours in Words & Music,


      • allawi blog says:

        I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both
        educative and entertaining, and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

        The issue is something not enough people are speaking intelligently about.

        I’m very happy I came across this during my search for something regarding this.

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