Thunder in My Heart

“Thunder In My Heart”– 1977

Music & Lyric: Tom Snow / Leo Sayer

Song History: Recorded by Leo Sayer for the album Thunder in My Heart (1977). It became a number one hit single in the UK when a remix by Meck (titled “Thunder in My Heart Again“) was released as a single in 2006 (see 2006 in music). “Thunder in My Heart Again” stayed at number one for two weeks. It also peaked at #7 in the Dutch Top 40, remaining in that chart for 17 weeks.

Author’s note: Leo Sayer gave me my first really big break by letting me collaborate with him on the follow up to his smash release, “Endless Flight”. He was at the top of his game as well as the Billboard charts, I was up and coming but not really tested under pressure. Despite my relative lack of credentials Leo and his producer, Richard Perry, took a chance on me. I ended up writing half the new album with Leo and landing the title cut and first single, “Thunder In My Heart”. It was a heady time for me and also a lot of fun. Leo, along with being a very generous soul, is a hoot to hang with. I played piano and did basic rhythm arrangements for the tunes we wrote. Filling out the rhythm section on the dates were David Paitch, Jeff Porcaro, David Hungate, Steve Porcaro, Steve Lukather… you know… “Toto”. It was all very exciting and musically rewarding. Getting to play in the same section with musicians like the aforementioned, hanging out at Studio 55 with R. Perry and his many celebrity friends and being in the presence of all the raw talent that is Leo Sayer was exhilarating to say the least. “Thunder..” ultimately didn’t turn out to be the hit we wished for at the time but in an amazing turn of events, 26 years later, a London based re-mix artist named DJ Meck found the album in a used record shop on Melrose avenue. He picked “Thunder In My Heart” out and dropped it into his magical re-mix machine. Out came an 8 minute extravaganza that entered the British charts at #1 in January, 2006 and ran the table across Europe. Proof that one never knows, do one? Songwriters, hold on to your publishing!  PS- The best part of this story is the reconnect with Leo. I got a long distance call from Sydney, Australia one afternoon shortly after the re-release, Leo on the other end  sounding just as bright and energetic as ever. Took me back 26 years in an instant. I owe a lot to my old friend. He opened the door for me. Hats off to you, Leo.

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