I Will Be There

“I Will Be There” -1986

Music: Tom Snow

Lyric: Jennifer Kimball, Tom Snow

Song History: Recorded by Dan Seals. It was the second single released from his album “On The Front Line”. It went to #1 on the country chart giving him his fifth straight number-one single.

Author’s Note: Another unexpected country hit. I wrote the music with no particular genre in mind. Just found a fun groove and let the melody and chords come. I remember the feeling of the music was very sunny, very up.   Working on the lyric with Jennifer Kimball definitely helped to give the tune country credentials. Kyle Lehning, Dan’s producer, also heard its Nashville potential even though the demo had a pop feel. Kyle added mandolin to the track, Dan put on a strong vocal and we had ourselves a #1 country hit. Ironically, the only times I have ever had real commercial success in the country market were accidental. I always wrote in a pop vein and if one of  my tunes happened to translate to a country feel it was due to the imagination of the country artist and/or producer who recorded it. I rarely had any luck trying to “write country”. In Nashville there’s an expression: “three chords and the truth”. Most of my tunes departed from that harmonic formula. I couldn’t help myself. One A&R man told me I had too many “out of town chords”. In any case I always felt flattered to have a Dan Seals, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn et al, sing my stuff.

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