Good For Me

“Good For Me” – 1992

Music: Tom Snow, Jay Gruska

Lyric: Amy Grant, Wayne Kirkpatrick

Song History: Released as the sixth single from the smash hit album, Heart In Motion, its melody, lyric and underlying rhythm make it the most comparable song to “Baby Baby.” It was her fourth consecutive Top Five Adult Contemporary single and Top Ten Hot 100 single in the United States, reaching #4 and #8, respectively.

Author’s Note: My one and only collaboration with fellow composer Jay Gruska. Originally called “Final Destination”. My daughter and resident song plugger, Tina Snow, sent the demo to Amy Grant. She loved the song’s music but asked if she and her long time collaborator Wayne Kirkpatrick could rewrite the lyric.  Jay and I agreed. Good thing we did. Amy and Wayne came up with something much better.

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